The Protective Cast of Cook’s Cottage

The brief asked to design an interpretive center (museum, theater, library, classrooms, restaurant, shop …) for Captain Cook’s Cottage in Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne.

The prime idea behind this project is to provide Cook’s Cottage with a protective cast. This cast had to be a sphere – the most perfect, yet most generic form.

To protect the existing vistas from the cottage into the park, the boundaries of these views are projected onto the shell of the cast to carve out void spaces. Thus, if you look out the windows of the  protected and enclosed cottage, you will not notice, that you are inside a multiple-layered cocoon.

Through a superadjacency of contrasting forms, the void spaces of the cutouts become an architectural statement in itself instead of a bland negative space.
To create a multiplicity of centers, buildings in buildings as well as space inbetween walls, diverse spheres and domes are nested inside the cast.

Many Thanks to Neil Masterton and Mark Raggatt

asymmetrical configuration of the protective cast and the cottage
projection of the views against the protective cast

carving the cast
diagrammatic section of the thick skin